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Welcome to Bellville! Our team knows and loves it like no other. Let us share our home with you.


Huge farmstyle house in a beautiful neighborhood located in Bellville, Tx

TBD 2 Nelius Road, Bellville, Texas, 77418 Austin County


Huge farmstyle house in a beautiful neighborhood located in Bellville, Tx

TBD FM 109, New Ulm, Texas, 78950 Colorado County


Huge farmstyle house in a beautiful neighborhood located in Bellville, Tx

TBD 1 Nelius Road, Bellville, Texas, 77418 Austin County




Carl Wilhelm Ludwig Ueckert, Henry Randy Ueckert's great, great grandfather, arrived in Galveston from Germany in December of 1851 with his wife and six children. They then traveled to Bellville where he bought 130 acres of property in what would later be called the Center Hill Community. The Family started farming the land after constructing their house on a hilltop overlooking a creek branch. Over time, the homestead expanded to cover more than 600 acres. One of the sons was born at the home of the family in 1867 and was named Wilhelm John Carl Ueckert. At the corner of what is now Stokes and Center Hill Roads, Henry John Carl and Anna Ida Dehnel constructed their house after getting married in 1912. The residence where Henry William Ueckert, Henry Randy Ueckert's father, was born in 1919 also served as the residence where Henry Randy Ueckert was raised. The Ueckert Family Farm has been in the family for more than 171 years and has been steadily used for agricultural production during that time, producing everything from hay to watermelons.

The history and extensive roots that his family has established make Randy and I extremely proud. Over time, Carl Ueckert's family and our land have witnessed him depart the house to enlist in Waller's Regiment, Texas Calvary, for the Civil War. The first shipment of watermelons was loaded onto the family wagon and driven to the nearest railway station in Hempstead before being returned with a shipment of lumber for a new barn. A portion of the family's property was divided when the railroad reached Bellville in 1880. It became known that Grandma Ueckert always shared a sandwich during the Great Depression, and hoboes would arrive at the family's house from the train to partake in this kind gesture. Henry William was assigned to Italy during WWII to serve as a German interpreter for a prisoner-of-war camp. When Randy and I built our house in 1983, we began a new homestead on family property, which we moved into after our honeymoon. On our way to our house every day, we pass the original 1851 homestead site. The seventh generation of our family to live on our property is now represented by our daughter Kara and her family, who also currently reside there.

Our current generations have witnessed numerous changes to the land around us, including significant growth and the addition of new neighbors, but one thing has not changed: our love of the land and our gratitude to God that we get to reside in Bellville. Randy and I are incredibly proud to say that our three daughters were born in Bellville and were brought home to the same land where their great, great grandpa was born. On this piece of property, just as generations before us, we have enjoyed a variety of life milestones, including birthday campouts, two of our daughters' wedding receptions, births, and hunting on the hidden land across the railroad tracks. 

We are eager to see what else God has in store as there is still so much to learn and achieve on this land and in Bellville as a whole.  We intend to remain and continue developing as a family and assisting Bellville in doing the same. We hope that you'll stick around to witness the growth of this vibrant town and even create your own history and deep roots. 




"We can't thank you enough for all you did for us on the sale of our home. You truly went above and beyond and made all the difference. We are so blessed to have you as our realtors!"

- Jason & Trisha Williams

Austin County

""Reesa and her team were great! There was always someone there to help with any need and to answers questions quickly. Reesa really cares about her clients and community and was willing to go beyond our expectations to make things easier and help us have a great sale. Thank you so much!"

- Frank and Sonya Andolino, Austin County

I cannot thank Darrell enough for all of his assistance in acquiring the ranch. He truly went above and beyond with attention to detail and make the procress seamless. He was truly a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much!

-Kim Cinningham

  Colorado County

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